Admissions Policy:

Since the express purpose of GBC is to train men and women for the Christian Service, it is expected that those who seek admission manifest evidence of salvation, a good character, a dedication to purpose, a willingness to learn and a sincere desire to know the will of God. Such demands the utmost in personal discipline of the Christian life.

All applicants for admission will be considered without regard to race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, handicap, or religion.

 Application Procedure:

A. Application may be requested from the college office or click the link GBC Application to Admissions.docx

B. Completion of Application...  

  1. Complete and submit the Student Application
  2. To read all of the College Policy Statements, click the link  Gateway Bible College Policy Statements.docx
  3. Then submit a signed copy of the Policy & Doctrinal Statement Acknowledgement form.POLICY AND DOCTRINAL STATEMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.pdf   

C. Send Completed applications to the following

D. A Copy of Applicants High School Diploma or General Diploma must be submitted with application.

E. A Copy of Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree must be submitted by students entering the graduate program.   


For a complete copy of the student handbook click on the link lawsonvillebaptistchurch_com/GBCStudentHandbook2020.docx


 Service Times

Sunday School 10:15am

Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am

Sunday Evening Worship 6:00pm

Wesdnesday Night Service 7:00pm


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